Post-COVID Office Essentials

EatFirst sources everything you need for your office in a post-COVID world; safely, hygienically, and efficiently.

From maintaining staff hygiene, sourcing safe office pantry items and feeding your team nutritious meals from trusted suppliers, EatFirst is your one-stop-shop.

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COVID-Safe Office Pantry Items

Hygienic | single-serve | Office pantry

Individually wrapped healthy snack portions, to keep your team going. Enjoy a set-and-forget pantry service, and rest assured your pantry is in good hands.

What to buy: no-touch snack dispensers, coffee sachets,  milk, sustainable and disposable cutlery & more.

Snacks for the office, including popcorn and chips.

COVID-Safe Meals


Healthy meal solutions that are made by trusted and vetted suppliers. Individually and hygienically packed meals, with all dietaries catered for.

What to look for: individually packed meals with nutritious ingredients.

Container with lunch as an in-office meal

Cleaning and Sanitation

Office sanitisation | Personal hygiene

From free-standing and no touch sanitisation units, wipe dispensers and more.

Everything you need to enforce excellent personal hygiene in your office.

What to buy: hand sanitiser, no-touch sanitisation units, disinfectant wipes & more.

Masks and hand sanitiser for the office

Welcome Back Packs

pick your own | staff essentials

Pick your own "Welcome Back Packs" for staff! 

Help staff feel at home in the office again, while supplying them with their hygiene essentials.

What to buy: hand sanitiser, face mask, coffee sachet, single-use cutlery and more.

Three young workers who have returned to the office.

Why use EatFirst for your office pantry?

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Whether it's sourcing the right products for your space or meals for your team, we promise great solutions and even better service.

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