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Get a gift card for every friend or colleague that you refer! And the best part? There's no limit to the number you can earn.

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Your friends get rewarded

Your friends get $25 off their first order.

You get rewarded

Once they make an order, you’ll receive an email with a gift card.

It’s that easy.

Earn up to $500 by referring your friend!*

Your friend orders catering or pantry

You get:
$100 Prezzee voucher
They get:
$25 EatFirst credit

Your friend orders meal plans

You get:
$200 Prezzee voucher
They get:
$25 EatFirst credit
+ extra $200 if your friend spends >$1000 with us

Earn cash by referring EatFirst to your colleagues!

Your colleague places an order

You get:
$20 Prezzee voucher

*The Fine Print:
Your colleague must spend at least $250. 
Full T's and C's here.