New Name, Same Service

The same team, product and service you know and love from
Order-In, just a fresh new name.

Our awesome Order-In product and service has expanded to Europe! For you, it means you can order in exactly the same way from all your favourite suppliers, and even our website and phone number will remain the same.

It just means our team got a little bigger, and we can offer our service, experience and technology we have been building for the last 20 years, globally!


What type of meals are being sent to recipients?

We will send hot or refrigerated / ready to be frozen single serve meals ($10-$15 each depending on the meal and supplier), fruit & veg baskets ($40-$100 depending on size), snack boxes ($30-$100 depending on size and variety( and pantry supplies. The individual orders are formed depending on the preferences of a particular recipient (e.g., certain hospitals elected to receive snacks for their staff, while others prioritised hot meals for night shifts).

Can I place a specific order for my money rather than just giving a cash donation?

If you want to donate over $200, you can contact us at orders@orderin.com.au or 1300 851 900 and our customer care will help you to create a specific order for a particular recipient (e.g. specific hospital). For donations less than $200, unfortunately there is no opportunity to create a dedicated order, as your donation will need to be aggregated with other contributions before we could place an order.

Will I get the receipt of my contribution? Is this considered a charity donation for tax purposes?

We will provide receipt for each donation. However, unfortunately this is not considered a charity donation as Order-In is not a registered charity organisation.

Where specifically does my money go?

With your contribution, it works the same way as it would work if you were to place an order for yourself at Order-In website. Order-In creates an order that gets sent to a supplier. Supplier prepares meals / assembles pantry box and delivers it to a recipient. In this process, predominant share of your contribution goes directly to a recipient, in the shape of food supply. Our suppliers and Order-In accept a regular margin from each order, to cover the cost of our labour. Both Order-In and our suppliers are small businesses which have taken a very hard hit from COVID-19. In that sense, part of your contribution also helps small businesses in food industry to stay afloat and keep people employed.

Can I receive a report on the impact of my contribution?

If you placed an order via our customer care (with amount of over $200), you will receive a order confirmation via email.
If you placed a donation via this website, you can follow the progress on our instagram / LinkedIn / facebook pages where we will be publishing regular updates on how many meals were delivered to different types of recipients. You can also provide your email address and every now and then we will send you an update over the email.


What Does this Mean for Australia?

Nothing too much, really. Apart from the name change, everything else remains the same. If anything, we will just strive to make our service even better. 

We still have our teams located across the country in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, our wonderful Customer Care superstars and Account Managers, still doing what they love right here in Aus.

Why the Name EatFirst?

Put simply: we absolutely love food!
Food has always been, and will always be our number one mission. Ensuring Australian’s can eat better at work has been our first priority, and this stays with us as we expand.
Food comes first when we think about corporate culture, so why not EatFirst?

What’s on the Cards Next?

The only plans we have in store now, are to make what we offer even better! We want to take on board your feedback, and create a service you can love into the long-term. Into the next 20 years and beyond! 

We absolutely love what we do here at EatFirst, and that is never going to change.

Why the Name Change?

Alongside every great expansion, comes change. 

For the last 20 years, Order-In has been providing Australian’s with great food for work, revolutionising the corporate catering industry. 

In fact, we did it so well, we were noticed all the way from Europe. 

Because of our great team, technology and service, Order-In was offered the opportunity to expand and bring our mission of better food for work, to Europe. 

Now we have awesome team members in the UK, Netherlands, France and Italy. EatFirst has officially gone global.

What about Order-In's/ EatFirst's legal entity & ABN? 

EatFirst has the same legal entity and ABN as Order-In did. No changes here!