Looked forward to all year long by staff, the office Christmas Party is the time to finally kick back and celebrate after another year's hard work. With the team in the holiday spirit, it's so much more than just another corporate event. So get those creative juices flowing (don't worry, we'll help!) and plan a company Christmas party to remember for 2022.

Plan a perfect picnic party

Who said the office Christmas party needs to be in the office? Not only can you enjoy the warmer weather, but it takes the stress out of finding a space large enough to fit your entire team, with social distancing still being kept in mind.

It's also a perfect Christmas party venue for a small budget. Depending on the size of your team, you'll probably not need a permit. (But it's best to check with your local council if you do have a large group).

Order some finger foods that don't need to be kept warm, get a few eskies and pack some outdoor blankets and you've got yourself a picnic.

Picnic spread with cheese and fruits.

Host a virtual celebration

From virtual wine tasting to escape rooms to Drag Bingo, there's a virtual event for all shapes and sizes. Not everyone has returned to the office yet, and celebrating virtually means no one has to miss out on the office party.

Even if you all can't meet up in person, the party must go on! Check out some of our options here and get in touch to organise!

Get into the holiday spirit(s)

A Christmas is a fabulous way to unwind after the past year. Of course you can get some bartenders and a beverage package to set up a bar at your office, or you can add a bit of extra fun.

Sign up for some cocktail making classes or take the team on brewery tours.

Christmas cocktail with lime, pomegranates and a sprig of rosemary.

Wear your worst at an ugly Christmas sweater party

What says "Christmas spirit" more than a Christmas sweater? An ugly one!

The end-of-year party is about so much more than just good food and drinks, and what says "Christmas spirit" more than a Christmas sweater? An ugly one!

Encourage each team member to don their Christmas worst and offer a prize for the ugliest jumper at the party. You may even want to consider hiring a photo booth for the night to capture everyone's colourful outfits. Printing them could make for unique office decor!

Have a cruisey, boozy Christmas

If you're looking for a fancy way to celebrate, why not enjoy a cruise around Sydney Harbour, along the Brisbane or Yarra Rivers or other waterways in Australia.

Opt for an elegant afternoon tea or gourmet lunch or just let loose and go for the ultimate Christmas party cruise. Bring some cold drinks, enjoy the fresh air, add in some boat cruise catering, and you're just about guaranteed to have the best holiday party.

Around-the-world Christmas party

If you're looking for a fun alternative to the classic Christmas celebration, try out an around the world theme.

You can order in food from around the globe, and even feature dishes from some of your international team members' homes to bring them some holiday cheer if they aren't able to go home this year. We offer catering a host of cuisines, including Vietnamese, IndianJapanese, Italian, Mexican and so much more.

Pretend it's Christmas morning with a Christmas breakfast

Why not start your next office Christmas party first thing in the morning? Kick off the day with some hot pancakes, delicious French toast, bacon and eggs, hot cocoa and some egg nog.

If your office does a secret Santa, it's the perfect time to gather around the tree with your co workers like it's Christmas morning, open gifts and enjoy some breakfast.

Holding a festive Christmas breakfast is also a great, affordable alternative to having a holiday work party and can easily be done before everyone jets off on their holiday break.

A classic Aussie Christmas party

Take full advantage of the warm weather and longer daylight hours and take your office party outdoors. After all, you're stuck inside all year!

Whether you head down to a local beachside park and throw some snags on the barbecues (or order them in) - perfect for a small team - or have a full-blown Australian-themed party for a larger crowd, there's plenty of ways to celebrate Christmas the Aussie way.

Get some fresh prawns, oysters, a glazed ham, a pavlova or two and some classic Aussie snacks and you've for yourself a Christmas party to remember.

7 unique games for your office Christmas party

Now you have your party theme and Christmas menu planned, what about entertainment? Check out these unique, but surely entertaining games to include in your office Christmas celebration.

Bad Santa gift exchange

Draw numbers to decide when people open a gift. Number 1 chooses the first gift and unwraps it. Number 2 decides whether to unwrap a fresh present or steal the first one. This continues until the numbers run out.

Finally, the person with number 1 decides whether to keep their gift (ending the game) or to steal anyone’s gift! If they decide to steal, it continues until the next keep decision.

Get your mitts on this!

Secret Santa is good, but what about opening all the presents with oven mitts on? Great! In the same vein as the original, this hilarious take on the present opening game is a much more memorable experience.

Staff awards

Ask for nominations ahead of time and make a huge production of the ceremony. Shine a light on all the coworkers whose good deeds deserve to be noticed.

Alternatively, you can make it a more casual/funny award ceremony with awards for things like best dressed, biggest coffee drinker or the office snack hog.

Pass the parcel

A throwback to all our favourite childhood parties, this game is a fun addition to any Christmas party. Wrap a present in a few layers of paper, pass it round the circle with music and whoever it stops on unwraps another layer. Whoever unwraps the final layer gets the present!

Santa who?

Similar to a murder mystery night, somebody plays the role of Santa and the guests have to work out who it is over the course of the night.

Desk thief

This game is excellent for smaller teams. Stealthily ‘borrow’ one small item from each staff member’s desk, and on the night everyone needs to work out who it belongs too.

He said, she said

Write out a list of famous quotes from the office’s loudest characters, print out a few pictures of their faces and let people match them over the night. You can even include a whiteboard next to the game for people to write extra funny quotes or stories.

Christmas gifts for work

How can EatFirst make your Christmas party unique?

Once you've picked a venue and theme, organising food your next Christmas party in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide has never been easier.

From a festive breakfast, to a lunch of gourmet finger food to a feast aboard a boat cruise, we can match you up with the perfect caterer for your corporate Christmas party.

Enjoy huge variety with office catering menus for all tastes and budgets. If you need some inspiration, speak to our experienced catering consultants on 1300 851 900 .

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