Explore Indigenous culture through art, shared experiences, and of course, delicious Reconciliation Week catering.

Celebrated from 27 May to 3 June every year, Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements. It can help to build a more inclusive and respectful workplace culture, where everyone's histories and contributions are valued.

Whether it's enjoying a meal of native Australian cuisine through Reconciliation Week catering, learning how to be better allies, or engaging with Aboriginal art, each experience brings us one step closer to mutual respect and understanding. And that's what reconciliation is all about.

Embrace Reconciliation Week with these interactive ideas

Teach your team how to be allies

Organise a workshop or a presentation on how to be a good Indigenous ally. This will help guide your team on the importance of respect, understanding, and fairness towards Indigenous people. By doing this, you can create a more inclusive, respectful, and harmonious workplace—not just during Reconciliation Week, but all year round.

Organise a team outing to see Aboriginal art

Arrange a trip to a local museum or gallery showcasing Aboriginal art. This is a great way for your team to gain a deeper appreciation for Indigenous culture and history. Check the National Reconciliation Week website for local events and exhibitions happening during the week.

Invite someone to talk about their experiences

Hearing personal stories can be a powerful way to foster understanding and empathy. You can invite key figures in your local Indigenous community to your office’s Reconciliation Week to share their experiences and perspectives. This can lead to open conversations and help your team better understand the importance of reconciliation.

Here are some great places to find possible speakers:

  • Reconciliation Australia
  • Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Local Reconciliation Group
  • Local Council 
  • Universities' Indigenous Departments

Top Reconciliation Week catering options to celebrate Indigenous culture

Start the week with a breakfast spread featuring native Australian ingredients. Consider options like bush tomato and cheese croissants, native hibiscus pancakes, or finger lime apple pie. Catering partners like Kallico Catering in Sydney specialise in native Australian catering and can deliver right to your office.

Broaden your team’s culinary horizons with a lunch menu that showcases indigenous ingredients. For example, opt for something light like a crispy salt bush salad or something hearty like a decadent slow-cooked lamb in bush tomato. Bunji Catering in Melbourne offers a diverse range of native Australian dishes that can accommodate various dietary needs.

Round off your day with a sweet treat inspired by indigenous flavours. Opt for native Australian grazing platters featuring local meats, cheeses, and chutneys. Or try sweet treats like Wattleseed damper, sandalwood nut tarts, or quandong jam muffins. Gather Foods in Perth has a selection of indigenous-inspired pastries that can be delivered to your office.

Remote employees want to join in on the fun? Host a virtual lunch hour where employees can prepare and share a meal using native Australian ingredients. Or create a shared online document where all your employees can post their favourite recipes using Indigenous ingredients or share their experiences and learnings from Reconciliation Week.

For more ideas, you can use the ‘Indigenous supplier’ filter when searching for an EatFirst catering partner near you. Or, choose the ‘Reconciliation Week’ filter to see who’s cooking up something special for their Reconciliation Week catering.

Hero Image: @gatherfoodswa

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