Here’s one for all the math geeks out there!

Mark 14 March on your calendars; it’s Pi Day. Not to be confused with National Pie Day, which falls on 13 January, this day is very aptly dated based on the first three numbers of pi (3.14).

The day may not be officially related to food but we think it’s the perfect excuse to eat pie.

Whether you’re wanting savoury pastry packed with piping hot meat and veg or a perfectly sweet-and-tart fruit pie, we have options right across Australia.

Have them for lunch or as an afternoon tea. With the next two digits being 15, it’s the perfect excuse to have a 3pm snack of party pies or fruit pies.

Where to order pies on Pi Day 2023

New South Wales

  • Charlie and Franks: Beef, chicken and cauliflower cheese leek pie
  • Feedwell: Gourmet party pies with smokey BBQ sauce or tomato relish
  • Vanilla Blue: Traditional Aussie beef pies, cauliflower chicken and leek, chicken and mushroom



  • Catering Crumbs: Chicken pies and red wine steak pies, and mini meat or vegetarian pies
  • Mr T’s Bakery: Breakfast pies with bacon, egg and cheese, sweet apple pies and beef party pies

South Australia

  • The Village Baker: Huge range in mini pie flavours including braised lamb shank, chunky peppersteak and even duck

Western Australia

  • Gather Foods: Kangaroo and sweet potato mini pies
  • Temptations Catering: Chunky beef, beef and mushroom, chicken and vegetable, minted lamb and vegetable and peppered steak mini pies
  • Pronto Gourmet Deli: Breakfast pies and mini beef and guinness, chicken and leak and creamy mushroom pies

Fun fact: Pi day is also Albert Einstein's birthday!

Why is Pi Day on 14 March?

The first three numbers of pi, the mathematical constant that’s used to measure the circumference of a circle, are 3.14.

With 14 March being the 14th day of the third month, written out in the American-style of date formats where the month appears first, it’s 3.14.

How else can you celebrate Pi Day?

Of course, you’d start with anything Pi or pie related. You can bake them, eat them and even toss them.

We think it’s just a fun excuse to have a snack or lunch with your team around a theme. Especially if what you do is in any way related to something you’d need to do calculations for using pi.

Ready to order some pies?

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