Feeding your team certainly has its advantages.

Having a staff meal plan, whether it be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly, can set the precedent for a great working environment. It can help increase productivity, morale and company loyalty, thus helping to retain key talent.

And while previously those were mostly tech and professional services companies that would provide a meal plan for their staff, in the post-COVID world, companies returning to the office are not just looking for a culture boost but more importantly, lunch solutions that are safe alternatives to canteens and food courts.

What companies can gain from having a meal plan

There's more to a staff meal plan than great food & convenience.

1. Happier & healthier staff

Letting faculty bond over a good meal is the perfect opportunity to not only reduce stress, but it also increases trust and cooperation between employees. Providing faculty with dedicated staff meal plans, tailored to their needs, will also give them the opportunity to be healthier. Providing a balanced meal ensures you are keeping your staff feeling healthy and happy.

2. Productivity boost

Currently, 4 million Australians decide to skip lunch daily. This is not only a negative for faculty health and work satisfaction, but it also impacts the quality and efficiency of work. Out of these 4 million, 41% say their workload does not allow them to take a lunch break. According to Gallup's state of the Global Workplace report, 80% of employees in Australia believe their employees should lead by example, and introduce taking a proper lunch break as part of their company culture. A faculty staff meal plan will allow you to do exactly that.

3. You actually save money

Of the 4 million Aussies who skip lunch daily, more than 7000 are compensated for work-related stress, according to Safe Work Australia. Ultimately, over 10.9 billion dollars each year is lost due to increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, while employees are at work and compensation claims- all linked to poor mental health in the workplace. Introducing staff meal plans in your office may seem like a big spend, but in the long run, you are giving your staff the best tools to feel healthy and happy at work, and leading to less time off.

EatFirst Staff Meal Plans

See what sets EatFirst Meal Plans apart, and why they are your best bet when looking at a faculty staff meal plan.

Individually packed meals

The days of a buffet spread may be on hold, but that doesn't mean you need to compromise on feeding your team nutritious meals at work. Our suppliers can individually pack and label all your required meals, to ensure there is no cross-contamination and to limit direct contact between your team. This is the best solution for the new 'normal,' as it still allows your team to get together and share a meal, without the contact of sharing.

Easy process; ordering, invoicing & budget control

Your staff will enjoy a simple ordering process that saves their time at work. You will receive a single delivery to your office, rather than dealing with multiple vendors on a daily basis. All while enjoying a consolidated bill and invoicing.


While in the near term you may opt for individually packaged meals, you can still meet your sustainability goals by choosing recyclable packaging, napkins and cutlery. Besides, all our suppliers have sustainability ratings, allowing you to make "green" choices in your meal plans. Utilising our meal plans, you also minimise the potential waste that comes with using canteens, food courts and dining halls.

Company or employee-sponsored meals

The meals could be either sponsored by your company, paid for by employees themselves or split in any portion. Sponsoring the meals is a great way to boost productivity, morale and company loyalty to help retain key taken in your organisation. However if your budget cannot accommodate daily meals for your staff, plenty of alternative options are available. Including splitting the cost with employees, by any amount.

A Safer Solution

EatFirst's meal plan solution gives you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to feeding your team. Not only are you getting healthy and nutritious food from one single source vendor which produces your food and delivers, but you also know your team isn't crowding in food courts or dining halls, sharing lifts with lunchtime crowds or inviting multiple deliveries into your office.

The meal plan solution is a safe alternative and our suppliers and delivery drivers are taking ore measures than ever to ensure safety all along.

These are just a few of the strict safety measures all of our suppliers are taking:

  • Only essential staff are permitted onsite
  • Staff health is closely monitored and temperature checks are conducted daily
  • Frequent use of disinfectant, washing hands, wearing masks and gloves in the kitchen
  • Staff members to be quarantined for 14 days if returned from overseas during the last 14 days

Check out our extensive safety measures here:

We're here to help!

If you are interested in starting a recurring or one-off meal for your team, but you're not sure where to start, let us help you!

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