Happening on 8 March, International Women's Day is near. These are some of the talented Aussie caterers fuelling your meetings, lunches and corporate events.

Francesca Prodromou from Charlie and Franks.

Francesca Prodromou: Charlie and Franks Catering

Delivers to: Sydney, NSW

Inspired by her mother Stella and grandmother Natalina, Francesca says the women in her family are "truly an inspiration and a constant reminder for me whenever it all gets 'too hard' that anything is possible and tomorrow is a new day!"

Why is  International Women's Day important to you?

"It’s an important day to highlight and celebrate women’s achievements and to continue to work on addressing barriers that continue to perpetuate gender inequality. Having equal pay, equal job rights and to be recognised for doing anything we want to do in politics, the economy, in the community and in everyday life is so important for women across the world."

What is Charlie and Franks serving this International Women's Day?

Purple macarons with hazelnut praline filling and house-made blueberry, blackberry and chia pancakes will be on the menu along with Charlie and Franks' usual menu options.

See Charlie and Franks' menu
Rebecca Gawel from JustEat Group.

Rebecca Gawel: JustEat Group

Delivers to: Perth

Inspired by her mother and grandmothers overcoming incredible challenges in their lives, Rebecca has created JustEat, a Perth CBD cafe and catering company.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

"IWD is an important reminder to celebrate what we, as women, can achieve. We sometimes need to be reminded of our own strength and tenacity, those traits that seem to be synonymous with a lack of gentleness. The beauty is that we can carry those traits with humility and grace. As a society, we need more women to step into positions of leadership and bring a different perspective, and to be celebrated for that difference."

What is JustEat serving this International Women's Day?

While JustEat isn't serving anything specially made for International Women's Day, you'll be able to order from its regular menu of healthy fruit platters, sandwiches and salads that are all made by hand and without preservatives.

See JustEat's menu

Belinda Sullivan: Flavours Catering

Delivers to: Sydney

Growing up in the hospitality industry, catering was in Belinda's blood. Starting back in 2004 as a sandwich caterer, Flavours now serves just about everything from sushi to BBQ favourites and is crewed by a team that's more than 80% female.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

"I'm a big believer in supporting women's achievements and providing opportunity within my business, regardless of ethnicity, marital status, religion or education. I'm delighted that year after year, Flavours Catering + Events can support International Women's Day by raising awareness of this significant day."

What is Flavours Catering serving this International Women's Day?

One of the most extensive International Women's Day menus we've seen this year, Flavours is dishing up poke bowls, breakfast boxes, canapes, buffet lunch spreads and, of course cupcakes.

See Flavours Catering's menu
Ashleigh Whittaker from Snack Proud.

Ashleigh Whittaker: Snack Proud

Delivers to: Anywhere in Australia

Seeking inspiration from HR entrepreneur Gen George, who has founded a few successful businesses and runs a 170,000-user strong Facebook group for business-focused women, former-UX designer Ashleigh founded Snack Proud in 2016.

Why is  International Women's Day important to you?

"I actually think it's sad that by 2023 we still have to have a special day to celebrate women. If parity existed, it wouldn't be a thing. Having said that, as a female founder who is juggling a lot, it is nice to step back and recognise women who do push boundaries.

I've noticed throughout my career, most of my coaches and mentors have been men - not intentionally. Getting old now, I can understand how it becomes harder for women to step into leadership roles or start a business as they have children and need extended periods of time off on maternity leave etc."

What is Snack Proud serving this International Women's Day?

International Women's Day Care Pack, which includes kombucha, tea, sweet and savoury snacks and a message from your company, the Female Founders Bundle, comprised of 50 different items selected personally by female founders, a Bulk Purple Snack Bundle with healthy snacks, and chocolate chip cookies that are gluten-free and vegan.

See Snack Proud's menu
Amanda Chow from Sutsa with an elaborately decorated blue cake with flowers.

Amanda Chow: Sutsa Cake Bar and Catering Studio

Delivers to: Melbourne

Turning baking cakes into a true craft, Sutsa's cakes aren't just delicious but beautiful. But it's much more than just cakes served here. Sandwiches, finger foods, salads and platters are too. Founder Amanda says her mum is her biggest role model. "She is so strong and resilient in everything she does."

Why is International Women's Day Important to you?

"It's a great way to recognise all the strong women out there who work hard!"

What is Sutsa serving this International Women's Day?

Plenty of purple desserts, including macarons, cake pops, cupcakes and printed cookies.

See Sutsa Cake Bar and Catering Studio's menu
Kate Scobie from Fingers and Forks.

Kate Scobie: Fingers and Forks

Delivers to: Brisbane

Coming from a "long line of strong, Irish women" and connecting with volunteers from Rosies, which offers friendship and support for homeless people, Kate is surrounded by inspirational women. Based between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, she feels its important to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout the years.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

"No matter the ethnicity and cultures women withhold, there is no barrier with language and beliefs and the functions we perform both economically in the workplace and environmentally in the home not only bond us together as a gender but need to be highlighted and duly celebrated.  

Women go through so many stages in life and their adaptability, their focus, their nurturing, intuition and innovation are something possessed worldwide regardless of culture and tradition.  Certainly to be celebrated. "

What is Fingers and Forks serving this International Women's Day?

Order mini- or standard-sized cupcakes with edible toppers with inspirational phrases, "a collection of words encompassing females in our world."

See Fingers and Forks' menu
Rawa Ghamraoui from South Terrace Catering and some purple cupcakes for International Women's Day.

Rawa Ghamraoui: South Terrace Catering

Delivers to: Adelaide

Run by a group of women in Adelaide, South Terrace Catering is like one big family "and I believe women are the hub of any family," says Rawa. Her mother raised seven children while operating a small business, and insisted her children keep her Middle Eastern recipes alive.

Why is  International Women's Day important to you?

"IWD is a form of recognition... With our dealings with women in the corporate world, I believe they bring an empathetic feeling to the workplace. They are among the best multitaskers I’ve seen and go above and beyond to find the respect and acknowledgement they seek in a position."

What is South Terrace serving this International Women's Day?

Staying true to the official colour of International Women's Day, South Terrace will serve purple truffles, purple fruit platters (with grapes, plums and passionfruit) and purple cupcakes.

See South Terrace Catering's menu

Kym Carson from Entice Me Catering.

Kym Carson: Entice Me Catering

Delivers to: Brisbane

Finding inspiration from her grandmother and influential women, including Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, Kym crafts fresh and delicious catering from the Newstead-based Entice Me Catering.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

"We should celebrate women in leadership and business.  A long time ago we won a hard battle for the right to work.  As result of this we are welcomed, respected and value our contributions in business."

What is Entice Me serving this International Women's Day?

Purple-iced cupcakes, grazing boxes with sweet pastries, fruit, mini muffins and other sweets.

See Entice Me Catering's menu
Maria El Sayed from Kinetto.

Maria El Sayed: Kinetto

Delivers to: Adelaide

Cooking up fresh, local food with a Greek and Lebanese twist, Kinetto's inspiration is Maria's mother — who even bakes all of the cakes and biscotti at 75, including a staple Greek orange and coconut cake.

Why is  International Women's Day important to you?

It’s important to celebrate to acknowledge all the great women in this world who have thrived in their careers, businesses, to their family and given back to their community.

What is Kinetto serving this International Women's Day?

Along with it's regular menu, Kinetto will be featuring its orange and coconut cake made from a recipe passed on from generation to generation of women.

See Kinetto's menu
The Two Good Co. team.

The Two Good Co team

Delivers to: Sydney

Serving food that's healthy and nourishing, crafted with quality ingredients from local suppliers, Two Good's secret ingredient is love. "When you sit down with a Two Good meal, you feel the care that has been put into its creation." Under the guidance of chefs, Two Good's food is cooked by vulnerable women rebuilding their lives learning to make restaurant-quality meals.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

"Whilst we work hard every day to support and empower women in their journey back to independence and self worth, we know that's not the focus of everyone's day. International Women's Day serves as an important reminder for the world to stop and really focus on what still needs to be done, and what actions we can take as individuals to create change and help build the kind of world we want to live in. Because our world won't change until we do.

It can't all be done in one day; but we hope that the day is used for everyone to reflect on what needs to be done, get an action plan together, and recommit their focus and resources to firm, measurable goals that can be worked on for the rest of the year."

What is Two Good serving this International Women's Day?

There's nothing specific on the menu for International Women's Day, but the regular menu items are always available.

See Two Good Co's menu
Platter of brownies decorated for International Women's Day from Sevenoaks Catering.

Cindy Yap: Sevenoaks Catering

Delivers to: Perth

Serving hearty finger foods and classic corporate catering items, such as sausage rolls and sandwiches, Sevenoaks' owner Cindy finds inspiration in her mum. "My mum has definitely inspired me in a very good way since young, and she has always motivated me to do my best and be a go getter — to get things done and make things happen.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

"I've always been very passionate about education and raising awareness for women's equality because I believe a woman is much more than just a daughter, wife and mother. Education can change history. Celebrating and recognising women's achievements is an act that's so powerful because women have come very far in their struggles for equality, a fair workplace and development. "

What is Sevenoaks serving this International Women's Day?

Purple sweets is the theme for Sevenoaks on International Women's Day. Three beautifully decorated platters are available: donuts, cupcakes and brownies. If you're after savoury items too, the regular menu is also available.

See Sevenoaks Catering's menu

See all of our menus for your International Women's Day catering

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