Grab your chopsticks and get ready to roll with these creative and mouth-watering International Sushi Day ideas.

The Japanese sure do excel in precision and presentation in their cooking. And is there anything more delightful than a beautifully presented sushi platter? Absolutely not, especially on International Sushi Day! 

As the world gears up to celebrate this Japanese culinary delight on 18th June, it's time to start planning how your office will participate. We're all about making each celebration delicious and memorable, and International Sushi Day is no exception. 

We’ve put together some mouth-watering sushi-related ideas that will suit every palate, dietary requirement and budget.

6 delicious international sushi day catering ideas

1) Sushi Platters

The classic sushi platter is a versatile crowd-pleaser. Ranging from simple avocado rolls to exotic nigiri creations. Our sushi catering partner, Sushi Pro in Southern QLD, has a remarkable selection of sushi platter catering that can suit vegan, gluten-free and seafood lovers alike.

2) Sushi Bento Boxes

Individual bento boxes are a great way to personalise the sushi experience. Each box usually contains a variety of sushi, alongside sides like edamame, miso soup, or salad. Try the delectable bento boxes from Sushi Jones in North Sydney, which come in vegetarian, chicken, and seafood options.

3) Sushi sandwich

This is sushi with a twist. Also known as Onigirazu, these are a variation of the Onigiri rice ball. They consist of layers of sushi rice, various fillings like fish, vegetables, or pickled ingredients, and seaweed, but in the shape of a sandwich. Fusion sushi like this is trendy, fun and perfect for a working lunch.

4) Sashimi platters

If your office appreciates raw, fresh fish, then a sashimi platter might be the way to go. These offerings consist of expertly sliced pieces of raw fish and are a staple of Japanese cuisine. Try the colourful and refreshing platters from Sushi at Work in Melbourne.

5) Japanese Tapas (Izakaya Style)

If you want to extend beyond sushi, consider a selection of Japanese tapas. Options could include gyoza (dumplings), yakitori (grilled skewers), and tempura (battered and fried seafood or vegetables). Sushi Lian in Melbourne has got a huge selection to test out.

6) Mix things up with dessert sushi

Alright, this one may not be authentic, but it sure is tasty.

In a delicious fusion of Thai and Japanese flavours, this recipe for mango sticky rice sushi bites is sure to be a hit. The chewy sticky rice topped with a sweet-and-sour

Make International Sushi Day more than just a meal

International Sushi Day is an opportunity to appreciate not only the taste of sushi but also the artistry and cultural significance behind it. Here are some additional ways to celebrate this day:

  • Sushi trivia: Organise a fun sushi-themed trivia contest. You can include questions about sushi's history, types of sushi and traditional sushi-making techniques.
  • Sushi presentation: Invite a sushi chef to give a presentation or demo on sushi preparation. This could include showing the art of sushi rolling, presenting how to eat sushi properly, or even discussing sustainable sushi practices.
  • Sushi cooking class: Let your team try their hand at making their own sushi. Not only will they enjoy a fun and engaging activity, but they'll also get to eat their creations afterwards. 
  • Pair with sake: No sushi celebration is complete without sake! Consider ordering a range of sakes for your team to sample.

Remember, every roll counts on International Sushi Day. So whether you're a seasoned sushi enthusiast or a curious beginner, there's never been a better time to indulge. With EatFirst, you can order your office's International Sushi Day feast with just a few clicks.


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