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From the best sweet treats to a good, old-fashioned egg hunt, here's how to have some fun at work with Easter catering.

Easter is a time where we all get together to celebrate - and what's better than enjoying some delicious treats together? These are some of our favourite foods that are perfect for any celebration.

From classic favourites to new twists on old classics, our catering options have you covered. So gather your team and get ready to indulge in some sweet goodness!

Serve up some hot cross buns

Is it even Easter without hot cross buns?

Fresh and warm and slathered in butter (we're not here to judge!), these scrumptious are-they-or-aren't-they-dessert buns are pretty close to perfection. Get them packed with fruit, chocolate or plain and serve them for breakfast, morning tea or an afternoon snack.

Nowadays, you'll even be able to get gluten-free and dairy-free varieties of the Easter treat to meet any special dietary requirements.

Our catering services will be able to deliver them straight to your office, along with any other items you'd like to serve. While it's still too early to reveal which of our Australian caterers will be serving them up, we promise we'll share them soon!

Hot cross buns with butter.

Experience a traditional Easter

Easter is celebrated in Christian-based faiths all around the world, and each place has their own unique way of celebrating.

Considering almost 30% of Australians were born overseas, there's a good chance you're working with someone who celebrates holidays like Easter a bit differently than you. Whether they have a delicious meal to signify it or indulge in plenty of chocolate desserts and cakes, it's not only a way to learn about different cultures, but a way to show inclusivity in your office.

EatFirst's catering partners come from all corners of the world, serving a host of different cuisines from their cafes and restaurants. We'll try our best to help you get the comforts of home Easter meals your team needs.

If you're on a tighter budget, why not organise a potluck? Everyone can bring in their favourite Easter food or meals to make it a truly memorable work event.

Cake with Easter eggs.

Treat everyone to some chocolate

Did you think we'd talk about Easter catering without mentioning chocolate?

From leaving little eggs on each employees desk to hiding edible bunnies all around the office, there's plenty of ways to share a sweet treat.

One of the best things about chocolate? It travels well! Whether you have a single location or are scattered across the country, you can order Easter chocolate for every office from North Sydney to the West End to Northbridge and South Australia too.

Our office pantry service has a selection of Easter buckets and and hampers packed with cocoa-based sweets that can be shipped anywhere in the country.

A chocolate bunny and a few colourful, foil-wrapped Easter eggs.

Enjoy a drink or two

After all, it is a long weekend!

Here in Australia, both Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays so most people will be treated to a four-day weekend, so have a #ThirstyThursday cocktail event with plenty of holiday-themed drinks.

Delicious has put together a list of 35 recipes, with our two must-tries being the Cadbury creme egg cocktail and hot cross bun martini.

Talk about delicious!

Creme egg cocktails from Delicious.
Image source: Delicious

Bring the office together for a brunch event

While brunch may not be a traditional meal for the holiday, there's plenty of ways to connect the dots to this mid-morning meal.

Plus, who doesn't love brunch?

Hot cross buns, egg-based dishes, pastries and cakes packed with chocolate... See? Even it all out with some fruit and other fresh ingredients and you've got yourself the perfect brunch.

Just make sure to include some gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan items so you can cover all dietary requirements of your team!

Plate of devilled eggs.

H‍ave fun with it and host some Easter games

We're all kids at heart, right? Other than just enjoying all the food and drink (don't get us wrong we love that too!), here are few ways to have some fun in the office:

Scatter around eggs filled with prizes

Why not make easter a bit exciting with a little bit of mystery. They don't have to be chocolate eggs, but you can make some fun mystery eggs filled with prizes or paper with what they've won.

A giant Easter egg hunt

Why not bring things back to the classic and take everyone back to nostalgic times and organise a big Easter egg hunt with your team?

Just make sure not to get in the way of those who aren't participating! Use your office's kitchen, break room, unused meeting rooms and foyer as hiding places.

Get creative by Decorating Easter eggs, cookies or cupcakes

Spending some time with arts and craft you can eat cannot go wrong. A great excuse for your crew to take a break and for staff to bond as they laugh at their creations.

Plate with cookies decorated for easter, a bunny and a carrot.

How EatFirst can help with your Easter catering

At the end of the day, Easter is a time to spend with family and friends, and this includes your work family.

From Easter themed cupcakes to office lunch catering, platters of hot cross buns, or buckets of Easter eggs for the team, our catering services can help you celebrate Easter in a way that's perfect for your business.

See our full list of partners offering Easter catering services

If you are still stuck for great Easter celebration ideas after reading the above, need a suggestion about what to order or would like some further advice, get in touch! We can recommend a variety of delicious Easter catering options to best suit your needs and budget and give you free quotes for your Easter event catering.

Whether you're keeping it simple with a morning tea, afternoon cake and other dessert items, or you'd like to treat your team to a staff lunch, at the end of the day, it's important that you use the time to show your appreciation for them and everything they're doing for you.

Now... Hop to it!


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