Make your office's 2023 EOFY party one that celebrates your talented team with food, drink and good times.

Once all the hard end of financial year wrap-up work is done, it's finally time to unwind and celebrate all the achievements of your employees and the wonderful year that was. After a year of working so hard, they deserve the let loose at best party in town before diving into the year ahead.

For many companies, that means planning one of the biggest parties of the year and we've got plenty of tips and EOFY party ideas to help you plan a terrific event for your colleagues!

Pick your EOFY party theme

Now, we're not necessarily talking about hosting Hawaiian luaus or Black and White parties (we won't judge you if you do, though!). But, it will make things much easier if you know what type of event you want. Here are a few of the most popular ones that we plan for the end of financial year:

  • Keep things stylish, chic and classic with a cocktail party that will give everyone an excuse to don something a little bit fancy
  • Skip the after-work dinner and opt for a picnic or BBQ for a budget-friendly option — but only if you're located in a warmer part of Australia!
  • Host a formal, sit-down affair with multi-course meals and a drinks package to match
  • Have fun with it and host something with a fun theme, like a Christmas in July bash that will give everyone an excuse to put on those cosy Christmas sweaters
  • Opt to use your EOFY party as a team building activity and book in time to play games, drive go karts, play laser tag or other fun games
Women laughing at a sit-down sinner with glasses of champagne.

Find the perfect venue

Once you know the type of party you're after, try to pick a venue that's centrally located and is easily accessible to everyone.  This means either close to your office, in the CBD or easy to get to with public transport. (Especially if you're serving drinks!) Alternatively, you can provide transportation for your team from your office.

Unless you're on a super-tight budget, we'd recommend you avoid hosting EOFY parties in your office. After all, this is a party to celebrate the year's hard work and allow everyone to socialise outside of the everyday, and keeping them at the office doesn't really hit that brief.

Don't forget to keep the weather in mind. End of financial year is smack in the middle of the Australian winter and you certainly don't want anyone to be too cold if you're located in southern parts of the country. If it's an evening party, stick to indoor and heated venues. Day-time parties can certainly take advantage of the mild weather, but make sure everyone knows to dress appropriately in case it is a chillier day.

Consider going a bit outside the box and finding a fun and unique venue rather than a function centre or decorated conference room. (This can also work great if you're on a tighter budget!)

  • Reach out to trendy, nearby restaurants and cafes with warm, welcoming vibes.
  • Find a local gallery that will let you hire the space to be surrounded by beautiful pieces by up-and-coming local artists.
  • Check out some of the stunning, historic local buildings for hire. For example, the National Trust has venues for hire across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania
  • Combine your venue and activities in one by booking an escape room, retro arcade, paint-and-sip class or mini-putt bar
A beautifully decorated venue with a garden theme and set tables that's perfect for a corporate function like an EOFY party.

Nail the EOFY party catering menu

Once you've got the perfect location, you'll need to create the perfect menu.

Whether you're after roving canapés in a chic gallery, all the fried finger food goodies at an arcade or a sit-down meal at a historic home, you'll need to make sure it's the right fit.

After all, once you've got the perfect location, you'll need to create the perfect menu to match.

Serving a drink or some nibbles on arrival is a great way to get the EOFY party started. A wine or beer will loosen everyone up and get them out of work mode, and some small bitescan satiate them until it's time to eat.

  • Scatter some platters around the venue, but keen dietary requirements in mind. To avoid cross-contamination, have some that are vegan-friendly, plates that have cheese but no meat, and others with charcuterie but are dairy-free.
  • If it's a standing-room-only event, have a few waiters walking around with plates of canapés, finger foods or even sushi rolls

If you're serving drinks, you'll want to make sure you're also serving an ample amount of food for your guests, whether this means lots of canapés and finger foods or providing mains is up to you.

  • Serving main meals for each guest is easiest when it's a sit-down event, especially if they'll need a knife and fork to eat
  • Make sure you're providing the right amount of finger foods and canapés for each person if you're making a meal of them

Most importantly, make sure that all the dietary requirements of your team are covered. The EOFY party is for them after all, and you want to make sure each and every one is included. If you're providing means, make sure there are options for those who are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free, along with any religious diets where foods like pork or beef can't be eaten.

Last but not least, you'll probably want to think about drinks. A beverage package can make things much easier as you'll just have a flat-fee per person and you won't have to calculate quantities of drinks to buy. Most of the drinks packages will be by-the-hour or as a set time limit and will include different drink options, with some just including wine and beer, while others include cocktails.

A handful of our catering partiers offer a beverage package including:

If your budget only allows for a few drinks per person, or you have a certain affinity for a type of beer or wine, you also opt to just order cases. Then, either have a self-service drinks station or hire a waiter for your end of financial year party.

Waiter holding two plates of canapes.

Plan an end of financial year party your team will love

You've got a venue in mind and food and drinks covered, but to really complete the party planning you'll need to tick off a few more boxes before you can get the party started.


There's an abundance of corporate entertainment options to choose from for EOFY parties. From a live band to a DJ, dancing, games and contests, we recommend matching entertainment to your corporate culture.

For example, if your staff are fairly conservative, don't bring in a comic who might offend people with their jokes.

However, if many of your employees are more adventurous and outgoing, it could be safe to plan something a little more interactive, such as a mystery dinner theatre or karaoke, for your end of financial year party so there's something a bit more too it than just food and drink.

Speak to our events team for entertainment ideas to help you get started on your EOFY celebration. We can either help you make a decision on what to do or find the perfect function packages for your needs.


If your company isn't one to aimlessly mingle, consider organising an activity for your EOFY party that everyone in the office can participate in. It can be a great team bonding tool for those who don't normally work together.

  • If the weather is fair, you could play lawn bowls (which can be a great venue choice!) or simple lawn party games.
  • If you're better off indoors, consider bowling, trivia or even an escape room. )The latter is probably only good in small groups though, or at venues with multiple rooms).
A group of people playing lawn bowls at their end of financial year party.


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