Fun and interactive entertainment ideas for your next corporate event or work function.

If you’re responsible for planning corporate events or functions for your workplace, you know it can be a very overwhelming. Between trying to organise delicious corporate catering and entertainment, it can easily become a stressful job.

No one wants to attend the same old corporate event that has boring speakers and lacklustre food and entertainment. But how do you incorporate something new and exciting into your corporate events or party that won’t break the bank?

Many corporate events seem so boring because they lack interaction. One of the keys to a successful meeting is to get your attendees involved. Every great event should be a unique experience and the corporate catering and entertainment is just one element that will help make your corporate function a success. We’ve put together some of the best event entertainment ideas and options below to help you get started – just remember that the entertainment options you choose should make sense for your function and ties in with your theme or purpose.

Interactive food and drink stations

Say goodby to boring buffets and attendees awkwardly waiting in line to fill their plates! Make your event catering more exciting with multiple interactive food and drink stations around the venue space for a truely great food theatre experience. From a cocktail bar creating personalised signature cocktails to a donut wall, a chef rolling sushi, grazing tables, gelato stand or roaming oyster shuckers, there are plenty of creative and delicious ways to feed your guests. We have a huge range of interactive entertainment options to make your event memorable.

Nothing brings people together more than food!

This is perfect for: celebrating, ideation, networking, team bonding

corporate event - donut wall

Spa break

There’s no better way to relax and regroup after a long session or meeting than with a spa break. Set up a designated area where your attendees can get a massage or manicure during the coffee and tea breaks. You can even cater with a delicious selection of sweet treats, gourmet platters and maybe even a few glasses of bubbly to help them relax.

They’ll come back energised and ready to learn!

Ideal for: ideation, brainstorming, educating

Photo booths

No one can resist a photo booth! Include plenty of silly photo booth props, signs and backgrounds to keep your attendees networking, laughing and entertained. Plus, instant photo prints will let each of your guests go home with some fun memories of your event or party.

Perfect for: networking, celebrating, promotion

corporate event entertainment - photo booth

Video booths

Photo booths are super popular and fun, but try something completely unique with a slow motion video booth. Get silly with props or bust a move and be entertained for hours with the hilarious results! It’s easily shareable and a fun and memorable way to get everyone talking about your event.

Perfect for: Networking, celebrating, promotion

Live music

Whether it’s a DJ, pianist, band, guitarist, singer or cover bands, a live musical performance or act is a great way to keep energy levels high and keep your attendees engaged.

Perfect for: celebrating, networking, promotion, ideation

Bartenders with flair

Perfect for cocktail events or a networking session after the meeting or conference, add some flair to your next corporate function or event with bartenders who combine awesome alcoholic drinks with style. We’re talking about bartenders who put on incredible performances as they serve alcoholic drinks to your guests.

Enjoy engaging freestyle performances behind the bar as they mix your drinks. Some entertainment shows can even include flaming bottles and fire breathing acts! These types of interactive entertainment shows will definitely bring the wow factor to your event and get the party started.

Perfect for: celebrating, networking, ideation, promoting, educating

Mixology class

This way your team can be the bartenders with flair! Attendees will learn how to mix their own drinks and get to taste test them along the way. Ensure there’s a lot of food and non-alcoholic drinks around to keep things in order.

Excellent for: celebrating, team bonding, networking, educating

Visual art

Take your corporate event to the next level with a local artist to paint, sculpt or draw for your guests. Fire breathers, acrobats and aerialists will entertain and wow your guests. How about a dinner theatre troupe, illusionist or a magician?

Make sure you have plenty of room and time for these entertainers to mingle and make their rounds and allow all your guests to see the action. This will definitely get all your guests talking!

Perfect for: ideation, promoting, educating, celebrating

corporate event entertainment - fire breather


Escape rooms

The newest craze in corporate entertainment, escape rooms are an immersive and fun experience! For an added level of fun, why not split the office into teams and see who can escape in the fastest time?

You can often tailor the room to match the theme of your event or conference, but you can’t go wrong with the classic prison break or scary house escape!

Ideal for: team bonding, education, ideation


A classic team bonding experience that some may groan at, but nobody can resist the siren's call of classic 80’s hits. This is a great excuse to get together, break down walls and get comfortable as a team. Plus, it’s always sure to encourage a few laughs.

Great idea for: team bonding, networking, celebrating

Do it differently

Your next corporate event doesn’t have to be boring. The right event catering, drinks and great entertainment will help take your corporate function or event to the next level and make it extra special. If you need further inspiration or recommendations with undefined unique entertainment event ideas and options, or event planning assistance, speak to one of our corporate event managers on 1300 851 900. We can assist with all your event catering and corporate entertainment hire needs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

At the end of the day, the event should tie back to your company and the goals you have set for your event! If you need some advice on what to do for event catering, you can get in contact with one of EatFirst’s catering experts to help you out.


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