There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than by donning your favourite costume and satisfying your sweet tooth.

Adorning your favourite character’s costume and taking part in some good old-fashioned Halloween fun in the office just isn't the same without sweet treat or two.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to celebrate halloween at work that you can easily incorporate that are affordable, fun and will encourage the whole team to take part. And most importantly, they're delicious!

A fun pack for everyone! (even those WFH)

Send them a Halloween treat pack! Complete with a carve your own pumpkin kit, sweet treats and more spooky surprises; it's the perfect Halloween gift for your remote employees. Check them out here!

Spooky cupcakes

Nothing like a sweet, delicious treats to brighten any day and complete your halloween celebration - especially if you're looking to boost the company culture while dishing out candy and other goodies for trick or treating.

Check out Cakes2U & Vanilla Cupcakery for Sydney or The Cupcake Patisserie for Brisbane.

Get the office Halloween Party catered

Getting corporate catering delivered for your office is a simple and affordable way to acknowledge fun days like Halloween and not eating into productivity time. Whether you decide a working lunch or classic pizza catering is right for you, or want to go for spooky corporate cake and cupcake delivery, there’s something right for every office. A corporate catering company will often offer event catering packages, which can help take the pressure off your back to make the day enjoyable and run smoothly.

For Adelaide offices South Terrace Catering or The Village Baker have you sorted. For Sydney check out Charlie & Franks. Perth offices should definitely explore the options from Temptations Catering.

Halloween breakfast

This is a great Halloween catering option for those who still want to make the most of the working day. A tasty team breakfast is a great way to start the day on the right foot while improving employee engagement.

Let your employees dress up for Halloween

But don’t force them to! Encourage employees who want to put on something spooky to celebrate halloween to go ahead (just as long as their halloween costumes are respectful and not offensive to others).

You can even turn the event into your very own costume party! If you want to take the spookiness into the after hours, why not get some alcohol delivered, get some delicious finger food catering and have an office-wide costume party or costume competition. Everyone will love the chance to dress up, have fun and enjoy a memorable team bonding experience together while getting into the Halloween spirit. Just make sure to make it clear what costumes are work appropriate.

Even better, you could create a contest and offer prizes like a paid lunch or gift vouchers for the most creative costume, funniest costume or scariest costume to get your staff in the halloween.

Fun office costume ideas:

  • Wear all black and cut out white circles and lines to stick on your shirt and pants to become domino pieces.
  • Get team members from your department to dress as characters from one of your favourite tv show/movie.
  • Promote team building by coordinating them to have halloween-themed team costumes.
  • Superheroes/supervillains! An unproblematic classic.
  • Vampires, witches or ghosts.

Decorate the office for a Halloween party

You can easily transform the office space into a haunted house or someplace whimsical with halloween decorations. With a few fake spider webs, toilet paper, paper ghosts and ghouls, you’ll have the office transformed for the halloween party in no time. You can even create little lolly bags to leave on everyone’s desk, filled with delicious sweets.

Play some Halloween games at the office

Below are some fun Halloween activities to get your office into the spooky spirit. Whether it's a costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest or a fun game of trivia, it's a great team building exercise that gets people at work involved and in the festive spirit.

Scary movie trivia

A classic trivia game never goes astray and is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween. Test everyone’s knowledge of the most popular horror and thrillers!

Horror movie marathon

No halloween season is complete without organising a movie marathon of your favourite horror classics like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street or even IT. Moreover, it's a great team building activity too!

Desk decorating competition

Get everyone’s creative and competitive spirit out with a spooky desk decorating competition. Gather a panel of unbiased judges and see what people come up with. You can judge the desks individually or get your team members together for the best decorated area.

Costume contest

See if your team who can conjure up the scariest, most creative and out-of-the box Halloween costume! Have a set of judging guidelines like scariness, uniqueness, effort and funniness and see who gets the best score!

Murder mystery game

Build up the spooky atmosphere with halloween themed music in the background while playing murder mystery games like Werewolf with your colleagues over drinks.

Order in some scary good catering

EatFirst has got your Halloween event catering needs covered. Use our seamless online catering platform to get your office catering delivered on time, fresh and delicious. Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with a buffet, sweet treats, working lunch or morning tea or even on a small budget, feeding your team has never been so simple.


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