You can still have an epic annual holiday party if you're on a scrooge's budget.

The best office Christmas party ideas aren't necessarily the most expensive ones. They're the ones that fit your business culture and are great at raising employee morale. Ones where team members have fun, can cement good relationships with eachother and set up the work environment for a productive new year.  

We want you to have the best office Christmas party yet, no matter how little you're working with. So embrace the challenge of planning the office Christmas party and have some fun with it!

Host a "theatre night" with all your favourite Christmas movies

For something truly different, Transform your conference room or office space into a winter wonderland with ambient fairy lights and a decorated tree for the perfect setting to host a movie night. Keep a few Christmas lights aglow for ambient lighting while you watch a holiday season classic or two.

Make fresh popcorn, serve creamy hot chocolate and egg nog, and keep some bowls of candy canes and other Christmas sweets around the "theatre" area.

Not serving alcohol or full meals is an easy way to keep costs down, but of course you can provide these too if your budget allows. If not, we can help out with snacks and other kitchen pantry items.

Get the party started with a classic Aussie or Hawaiian luau themed BBQ

This is Australia after all, and as much as we love ugly sweaters and furry Santa hats at the holidays it's not quite the weather for it. Try a cost-effective, tropical BBQ instead!

Ask everyone to wear something tropical or floral, get a few tiki torches going and you've got the beginnings of an island-themed Christmas party. If your team isn't the crowd for a themed event, just have a classic Aussie BBQ then.

For smaller-budget events you can buy meats and veggies for grilling, or just get them catered so no one has to do the work. Sydney's One Pot Catering, for example, offers BBQ packages that you can also hire staff for if you don't want to do the cooking yourself.

One of the best things about having a BBQ too is you don't have to hire a venue. Many public parks don't require a permit (but you're best to double check with your council ahead of time) and have free BBQs to use.

Organise a secret Santa

There's just something oh-so festive about a pile of gifts underneath the Christmas tree, perfectly bundled up in festive wrapping paper, just waiting for their big reveal.

The tried and trusted favourite ensures everyone gets a gift without one person spending a ton of money. There's the added perk of being able to choose something to suit the personality or interest of the recipient rather than just gifting everyone something generic.

To keep it budget friendly for everyone, set a small amount like $10-$20 and just one gift per person. Placing a spending limit takes the pressure away from the gift purchasing process and can even lead to some hilarious ideas.

To make a secret Santa at an office Christmas party it a bit more fun, there's ways to spice up the traditional secret Santa. Learn the rules to Bad Santa and Get Your Mitts On This! in our post about unique Christmas party ideas.

Have a breath of fresh air with a picnic with games

Like a BBQ, a picnic is a great example of how to stick to a budget but get out of the everyday work environment for your office Christmas party.

To make things a bit more fun, try organising a few fun Christmas-themed games. Three-legged relay races where you share a Christmas stocking to stay together, pin the red nose on Rudolph or other traditional party games that just add a touch of Christmas spirit to the event.

Learn how your colleagues celebrate Christmas with a holiday potluck

Australia's a beautiful mosaic these days and what one person eats as holiday tradition can be totally different to the next. A holiday potluck is a perfect excuse to see how other cultures may celebrate and try new things.

If you can't afford catering for the office Christmas party, another ideal thing is one person doesn't have to make it all. Each person can contribute as much or as little as they'd like. And you'll almost always end up with leftovers for the next day or two!

Belt out a tune or two with some Christmas karaoke

Is it even Christmas without someone belting "All I Want for Christmas is You"?


Another great budget saving idea, once the office Christmas party has been rolling for a while and everyone is appropriately merry with holiday cheer (or, beer),n a sing-along is definitely in order.

You don't need a big expensive sound system to make this a sure winner. A microphone, a laptop and YouTube…boom, you're set.  There are endless playlists with lyrics rolling through for all the closet rock stars of your workplace. Duets are to be encouraged and the participation of the boss is mandatory.

Give away some edible Christmas gifts

At the end of the party, why not surprise all the co-workers with Christmas snacks as a parting gift? Think custom cupcakes, rum balls, shortbread or even mini Christmas cakes. It's a delicious twist on giving out company Christmas gifts, but also an affordable option that won't hurt your budget.

If you give out a little something sweet at the end of your Christmas party lunch or dinner, if everyone gets a sweet gift, you can even cut your dessert budget.

Chow down on budget-friendly Christmas meals

Of course, being EatFirst and all, we can't ignore the Christmas party food!

Every office Christmas party is unique, and know yours is no different. But one thing that is a staple at just about any company's holiday party is having something to eat. We can help you with anything from a simple catered lunch to send everyone off into the new year or a full end-of-year celebration event with drinks and plenty of food.

We work with hundreds of Australia's best caterers and, luckily for you, best doesn't mean most expensive. No matter the budget for you upcoming Christmas party, we're able to find the right caterer that your entire office will enjoy while the company can save money. Easily connect with caterers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth today!

Why use EatFirst for your Christmas party on a budget?

Our friendly customer service team is able to help you work within your office party budget. We can recommend some of the best caterers in your city to provide food and drink for your holiday party.

If you'd rather have a browse around yourself first, the EatFirst online portal has plenty of office Christmas party food ideas and allows you to choose from a range of caterers. Many of them have submitted special Christmas menus for our customers and we're adding more and more each week up until the end of the holiday season.

With all the best corporate caterers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, there are endless office Christmas party catering menus that won't break the budget.


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