A picnic with wine and a platter with cheese, olives, bread and dips.

Bring a touch of Paris to your workplace with a Bastille Day celebration with all the French food and fun to make a francophone feel at home.

It's almost that time of year when French culture fills the air and foodies unite to commemorate a historic day – Bastille Day! 

Marking the beginning of the French Revolution, Bastille Day brings together the best of French cuisine and tradition, making it a unique and lively occasion to incorporate into your workplace.

What better way to unwind from a busy work week than to immerse your office in French culture? And with Bastille Day falling on a Friday in 2023, it presents a fantastic opportunity to extend your typical Friday evening drinks into a memorable French-themed soirée. 

French wines, champagne, and a sumptuous array of cheeses? Oui, s'il vous plaît!

When is Bastille Day?

This year, it's time to put on your berets and say bonjour to French festivities on Friday, 14th July. 

And how is Bastille Day celebrated? 

Well, with a hearty embrace of French culture, of course! From vibrant parades and fireworks in France to international parties that honour this important day

Bring French flavours to your office with Bastille Day food and drinks

One can't celebrate Bastille Day without indulging in some of the finest French culinary offerings. Fortunately, we have a stack of options from our vast network of corporate caterers across Australia. 

Here are some magnifique menu must-haves to incorporate into your Bastille Day office celebrations:

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese: France is famed for its diverse array of cheeses, with options like brie, camembert, and roquefort leading the pack. We've got cheese-loving caterers on speed dial who can put together a platter that'll have everyone saying 'fromage' for the camera!

Vin and bubbles: What's cheese without the wine, right? Get ready to clink those glasses to the sounds of 'Santé' (cheers!) as you sample our selection of top-notch French wines and champagnes.

Pastries: Think buttery croissants, flaky pain au chocolat, and the ever-decadent tarte tatin. Your team will be marching towards these sweet treats faster than you can say 'Vive la France!'

Quiche: Call off the search for the ultimate comfort food - the French quiche has it all. And whether your team swings more towards a Quiche Lorraine or a veggie variant, our top caterers have got the goods.

Inclusively delicious: For our plant-powered colleagues, Ratatouille is a French classic that’s sure to delight. Gluten-free team members need not miss out on the fun either, with naturally gluten-free dishes like Bouillabaisse. And for the health-conscious, a Niçoise salad is a tasty, nutritious option.

More than just munching 

While indulging in French cuisine is certainly a highlight, there are other ways to incorporate Bastille Day into your office environment. Consider these ideas to bring Bastille Day to life:

  • French trivia: Unleash the competitive spirits with a round of French-themed trivia. This is where your random knowledge of France's tallest mountain or longest river will finally pay off!
  • Dress-up day: Ask everyone to don their finest French-inspired outfits or simply sport the colours of the French flag. Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up (and maybe win a cheeky prize)?
  • French music: Fill your office with the sounds of French music to truly capture the spirit of Bastille Day. Here’s a playlist we’ve been testing out in our office!

Celebrating Bastille Day isn't just about indulging in drool-worthy French delicacies; it’s a chance to recognise cultural diversity, foster camaraderie, and, of course, have a whole load of fun!

Now, are you ready to infuse your office with French flair this Bastille Day? Start planning now! With our wide array of caterers across Australia, we can help create a unique, French-inspired culinary experience for your team. Bonne Fête Nationale!


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