13 Staff Appreciation Ideas to Thank them: Catering Gift Packages, Events, and More!

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Show your employees you care with these great ideas

It's that time of year again where we all scramble to find the best way to show our staff how much we appreciate them. It can be tough, but don't worry - we're here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss some great ideas for showing your appreciation.

We'll also give you a few reasons why it is important to your business to make your staff feel appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you find the perfect way to say thank you! Here's our top list of employee appreciation ideas that will make your staff members feel really part of the team.

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Showing your employees that you appreciate and value them can lead to higher job satisfaction, retention and productivity. But can you do it on a tight budget?

Yes, definitely! Here are the most affordable and effective ways to say thank you, that don’t break the bank!

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To encourage people to come back to the office requires you to start on the right foot and really spend time to think about how to make giving employees a surprise treat and public recognition when they do an awesome job.

1. Employee of the month award program

It is important for company culture achievement is recognised so celebrate and give some employee recognition to those who have went above and beyond. Set up an employee of the month program and let staff nominate who they think should win!

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Why not celebrate the whole team

You could even go beyond just an individual appreciation and encourage employees as teams and organise boost productivity by encouraging team work and celebrating the whole team or department.

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You can send them a gift card for their favourite restaurant, or get a group together and go out for lunch. This is a great way to show your staff you care about their wellbeing and want to thank them for their hard work.

2. Have a pizza party!

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Wherever in Australia you are EatFirst has you covered

Nothing says thank you like a slice of Pizza. Organising an memorable catered event does not have to be a hassle. EatFirst provides you a great platform to find your best local and authentic corporate caters.

Whether you're looking for Sydney corporate catering in the cbd or Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Canberra, we have you covered.

By letting us take care of the corporate catering, you can focus on the innovative ideas to make your employee experience of the event amazing.

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3. Say it with flowers

A beautiful flower arrangement or even a small plant for their desk is a fun way to share your appreciation. Why don't you consider for special occasions pairing some flowers such as on people's birthday with some gifts.

Like lovely care packages and delicious snack packages available? So get to remembering employee birthdays and boost employee morale by also celebrating important milestones for individuals and their teams.

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Make employees feel seen and recognise their awesome work

It goes a long way making employees feel appreciated, as it teach employees that they are valued and seen, that they're work has mean something.

When you make an employee feel valued that has a positive impact on their morale but also their team members, and gives people an idea they on the right track.

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4. Say thank you to your staff with food

Provide office catering and/or breakfast. It brings your staff together and gives them fuel for the busy day ahead. Offering a balanced and healthy working lunch or breakfast can promote a healthy food environment.

Why not make lunch time a way to let people slow down on busy days and really connect with the people they work with.

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Make coming back to the office fun and memorable

With how much things have changed with many of us doing remote work, why not make coming to the office fun events to try new foods, have amazing conversation as employees enjoy experiences together and share their own stories.

Make all your team feel their hard work worth it by making coming to work an awesome experience.

5. Celebrate with cakes or cupcakes

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When employees achieve milestones, whether professionally or personally, cakes and cupcakes are the perfect solution.

For example, the birth of a child, promotion, a new product launch, work anniversary or birthday.

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6. A well-stocked office kitchen = happy employees

Beyond just corporate catered events, you could consider making sure the break room is well stocked. There are pantry options that we offer that allows us to help ensure with local suppliers that your break room is well-stocked with snacks and high quality items such as delicious fresh fruit, milk, soft drinks and even the cheeky wine.

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Why not making Friday arvos a fun cocktail or drinks event?

Providing tea, coffee, biscuits, fresh office fruit, and other snacks and treats go a long way. Trust us, we know! Why not even make Friday have a happy hour on occasion where you bring in some exciting cocktail catering and other drinks for employees to relax and celebrate the end of the tough week?

Check out some of the awesome margarita catering and food pairings we have for some fresh ideas.

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Don't forget to cater for those with different needs

Make visiting the break room an adventure in itself by making sure you provide a range of options for those staff member that like diversity but also those that have special dietary requirements.

7. Lollies, Snacks, Fruits & Other Care Packages

Treat the team to some sweet treats like skittles, gummy worms, M&Ms or jellybeans. With plenty of options from guilty snacks to healthy and organic treats, you can make remote work that much less isolated by sending care packages to employees and really show your love for the awesome work your team does in a gift box.

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a platter of delicious bowls of salads with cucumber, avocado, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and more

8. Send a personalized note with a small gift

Even the small touches don’t go unnoticed. It doesn’t need to be a large, expensive gift for it to mean something. You know what they say, it’s the thought that counts. If you can really figure out what you can say, something meaningful, particularly to new employees goes a long way.

9. A corporate BBQ

A corporate BBQ is the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Perfect in the summertime, when everybody is edging closer towards holidays and craving some time outdoors.

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If you want all the tips & more bar where you could fit a food truck, check out our awesome article on making the best bbq catering event with our tips from organising to cleanup.

10. Be spontaneous with treats

Whether it’s surprise donuts, or chilled drinks on a hot day, think thoughtfully about what will make your staff happy. Beyond just treating them to some great delicious lunch boxes, or breakfast catering, why not consider an Escape Room.

Have fun with your ideas, doesn't have to just be food

Giving employees a means to work together in a fun and creative way especially with new starters, helps people get a better sense of how people work and communicate.

corporate catering - cakes and sweets

11. Gourmet coffee

Organising a good corporate coffee solution for the office is a perfect way to make sure everyone feels appreciated every day. It’s also a proven method for increasing motivation and productivity! Everybody wins.

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It's a great conversation start amongst team members, giving employees a way to take a break, regroup and just relax.

People work better when they feel better

When people feel happy in an environment that lets them take care of themselves and really connect with their team, many studies has shown how a positive work environment greatly boosts employee engagement.

12. Offer flexible hours or telecommuting options

Whether there’s a work from home option, or flexible start and finish times, giving your employees space to live life outside of work gives them the space to perform great things in the office.

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Give people the freedom to do things their way

Trusting your employee goes a long way. It allows them to actively give their all to the work and find a work life travel balance that works for them. It's clear and more important than ever for people to find meaning and feel valued in their work.

13. Just say it!

Be vocal about your appreciation and positive feedback. Not only will this increase motivation, it’s a simple way to make sure your workplace maintains its positive environment.

Get your employees involved in the ideas for the next things

Encourage the entire organization to get into the spirit of thinking about the next event. Why not start a suggestion box so people can give feed back but more importantly contribute their own ideas for the next fun event.

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Why is it important to show appreciation?

Creating an healthy work environment builds great company culture

Sharing your appreciation with staff and saying thank you for a job well done is proven to increase employee engagement, productivity and overall motivation. It adds to the foundation of a positive company culture and employees feel better in the long term. Whether it’s just to acknowledge a milestone, celebrate company achievements or even for the end of financial year, rewarding employees with these inexpensive but effective ideas, will ensure you maintain happy staff!

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Don't be afraid to get creative

It’s the small things that make a big difference, so don’t be afraid to try out one or all of these ideas and mix it up. You’ll find that your employees will appreciate it and so will your company’s bottom line.

Let us help you out

If you need help or inspiration to show your staff you appreciate them, give us a call on 1300 851 900 and one of our catering consultants will be more than happy to help.

By caring  your workers become your best representatives

When employees feel valued it boosts your employer brand as they become your biggest advocates. One of the best things you can do by recognizing employees and taking on employee feedback.

You improve employee engagement as they feel they have a voice and means to contribute to the conversation.

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Make remote work feel less remote

With the nature of work with hybrid and remote employees, it's more important than even for recognizing employees achievement and make them feel appreciated. It's time we look at how work fits in the employees lives.

With means of sending individual care package or delicious desserts or cakes, why not surprise your staff members and show how much you care today. Check out food, drinks, desserts & more at EatFirst!

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Imagine what it says to new team members whenever all the other staff member are having a blast being at work and feel like they are part of a winning team. Beyond just giving employees treats consider also professional development opportunities.

Help your employees grow

Provide platforms for other employees to share their learnings in a space to help each other grow. Don't be afraid of employee feedback as it's a great way to get a real sense of your team members and how they are feeling about how things are going.

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