This year has seen some unprecedented times, in more ways than one. This is why work Christmas celebrations are more important than ever. Ensuring your employees feel the appreciation and recognition for their work this year.

For Virtual Celebrations

EatFirst has all your virtual event needs covered! From entertainment, catering and more. This is an excellent way to bring your whole team together. Whether they are working remotely, you have staff across the country that can't get together for an in-person Christmas gathering. Think cocktail making class, Amazing Race adventures, or good old classic Drag Bingo...

Check out these fun virtual events here.

Single-Serve Catering

So, you can get your entire team in the same room to celebrate, but now you need to consider food? Take a browse of our single-serve options, including platters, lunches, morning teas, grazing boxes and more.

One Pot Catering

Here are some tasty options for each state:






Take it outside

EatFirst has seen many companies make the decision to take their Christmas party outdoors this year. From a classic Christmas lunch spread to individual picnic boxes for their employees, take the office party and holiday spirit outdoors this year. This is a great way to ensure social distance regulations are met, but you can still make sure everyone gets to celebrate the end of the year.

Have an Office Party

If you're looking to have an in-person gathering with your team, having a get-together in your office would be an excellent option. This allows you to completely control the space, the food and you can even tune in your remote workers via video call. EatFirst have awesome on-site catering options for office parties. From single-serve grazing boxes, Christmas dinner spreads, desserts and more.

Send a Present to their Home

EatFirst has plenty of home delivery options nationally. From hampers filled to the brim with delicious treats, luxury personalised gifts or even DIY baking adventures they can share with their family... This is a great way to send them some appreciation. If you're not sure where to start, check out our Ultimate Guide to Office Gifting.

Check out some of our national favourites:

A Festive Lunch

Get into the festive spirit the old fashioned way with a deliciously classic spread. Christmas ham, tiger prawns, pavlova and mince pies; there are endless menu items you should be adding to your Xmas lunch menu this year.

Looking to enjoy a festive staff lunch? Get in touch here with one of our catering experts, and we'll find the best solution for you!

EatFirst has it covered

Whether you're after deliciously festive treats, hampers to send home or a classically festive spread to enjoy as a team, we have it covered.

See the steps below to view all of our Christmas options for your area!

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